Video Notes

Below are some notes to hopefully give anyone interested an insight into the reasoning behind some of my videos.

Hunting High And Low

Can’t actually remember how I came across this song for vidding purposes, though I did used to be a big A-ha fan when I was younger ;)

After listening to it, it struck me straight away that it was a perfect Janeway song - she always seems to be the one chasing after (hunting) Seven both in actuality (Dark Frontier) and in a more abstract sense (for love!).

It starts off with the hunting for love. Janeway is pining after Seven, studying her in her alcove, but not seeming to be able to get through to her or express how much she needs her. This is interspersed with Janeway doing crazy things for Seven – scenes from Imperfection and Unimatrix Zero – perhaps as a way to try and show how much she cares.

Her obsession grows (Omega fireside scenes) until she actually finds herself dreaming of Seven. However her dreams turn to a nightmare in the real world as she loses Seven (Dark Frontier “Go” scene). After Seven’s gone Janeway is a complete mess and goes hunting for her one last time, rescuing her from the Borg Queen and finally telling Seven her true feelings.

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again

Well I never thought the day would come when I would be doing a video from Chakotay’s point of view where you actually end up feeling sorry for the poor guy – but here it is!

Basically this is just a short story of how he’s spurned by both Janeway and then Seven, and then, to make matters worse, they go off with each other! Hee hee hee.

In The Shadows

The story of this one is that Seven is feeling lonely and disconnected from everyone else on Voyager, she’s an outsider (watching from the shadows). She’s searching for something, but she’s not sure what it is. This is why when she hears the “ee-oo, ee-oo” calls in the first sections she doesn’t see anything when she turns round - she doesn’t know what it is that’s calling her.

She just spends her time watching to try and figure out humanity (though she spends most of her time watching one person in particular!) and struggling against other influences (fighting the hirogen and borg!).

Then it dawns on her that what she’s looking for is Janeway. This realisation is shown in the video by the change in pace (the “lately I’ve been walking in circles…” bit) accompanied by scenes of Janeway turning up in astrometrics and then kneeling in front of her.

From then she knows it’s Janeway she wants and whenever she hears the “ee-oo, ee-oo” call she actually turns to see that it is Janeway calling her.

The very end scene (latent image) is meant to signify that she’s finally plucked up the courage to tell Janeway that it’s her she needs.

Not Me, Not I

I’d loved this song since the first time I heard it, it’s just so heart wrenching! Then on listening to it one time I thought I could do it J/7, but definitely J/7 angst!

Basically the song is sung from Janeway’s point of view and tells the story of how Seven breaks her heart, but how she resolves that she won’t let it break her spirit.

So we start off with Seven dumping Janeway in the first couple of scenes, leaving her broken hearted. Though at the same time, Janeway realises that perhaps things just weren’t meant to be considering how much they argued and disagreed all the time. Knowing there’s nothing she can do to change things, she vows that she’s not going to let Seven see how upset she is. She’s going to maintain her command mask.

Of course when she’s on her own in her quarters she’s still incredibly lonely, spending long nights pining for Seven and mulling things over. She knows she needs to move on without Seven, even if her heart is broken she’s still the Captain and has her duty.

Things are still tense between the pair of them when on duty, though, and Janeway’s resolve is tested to the limit when she has to witness Seven and…urgh…Chakotay getting together. She’s bitter as what Seven now has with Chakotay are all the things she was once promising Janeway.

At the end Janeway has realised that it’s really all over, any torch she may have been holding has been extinguished. Having finally realised this, though, she can now begin living again without Seven, she’s strong and doesn’t need her. In fact the very last shot possibly suggests that it is Seven who is the one who may be having second thoughts about her choice…

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I heard this one on the radio not long after watching Raspy’s “ice” clip of video, so I kind of had the thought of doing an “ice” vid on the brain. On hearing this it immediately struck me that the instrumental break was just crying out for “ice”! And the rest of the song was nicely dramatic too for vidding purposes.

So the basic story here is that Janeway’s feeling all lonely, she wants Seven, but is scared of telling her because she doesn't know if her feelings will be returned or whether it's appropriate because of her position. Then, however, she’s threatened with losing her and so decides to throw caution to the wind and declare her love. She reasons that she's going crazy keeping it all bottled up anyway, so she may as well tell Seven.

Then we get them making out!! Hurrah!!

After which Janeway is still scared of losing Seven, and they still butt heads, but Janeway knows that she can't resist any longer and just has to give in to her feelings for Seven and let herself love her.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

This is Seven’s little ditty about Janeway. She thinks Janeway’s great, but can’t seem to find how to tell her that she’s in love with her. In fact, she’s so tense because she can’t seem to explain herself, that they actually end up arguing some of the time. The rest of the time Seven is just overcome by Janeway’s presence and tongue tied.

When on her own, Seven makes all sorts of plans about how she’s going to tell Janeway of her feelings but when it comes to the reality she chickens out every time. She has to make do with admiring all the wonderful quirky things about Janeway from afar.

New Beginning

This video came out of a discussion with AnnikaHansen7of9, where we were remarking on how the poor old Admiral always got zapped by the Borg Queen and then blown up in all Endgame vids (and the original episode too, obviously). I felt a bit sorry for her, coming all that way just to kick the bucket.

So this video is an attempt to give The Admiral a nice, happy ending instead!

Basically the story is that Janeway decides before The Admiral even arrives that seven years is just too long without anyone and admits her feelings to Seven. Then the Admiral arrives. Janeway, The Admiral and Seven all plot together about what they should do (in the mess hall and the ready room). The rest of the vid is their plan put into action which consists of:
  • The Admiral distracting the Borg Queen while Janeway and Seven plant the virus on the borg cube
  • Janeway and Seven rescuing The Admiral from the Borg Queen
  • Voyager arriving and beaming them all off, just as the cube explodes
  • Seven telling Chakotay it's over between them and Janeway bumping him off
  • Janeway leaving Tuvok in charge
  • Janeway, The Admiral and Seven all going off together for a bit of "fun"