The J/7 Musical II

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Act 1
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Scene 1

Both Janeway and Chakotay long for Seven with thoughts of her pervading their minds. Janeway feels she can’t say anything, as it would be inappropriate and also that her love would not be returned. Chakotay is not so reticent and makes a move on Seven, leaving the captain angry and rueing her lost opportunity.

Song: Belle  
Sung By: Janeway and Chakotay
From: Notre Dame De Paris
Scene 2

Janeway has to try and put her personal anguish aside as Voyager enters a dangerous region of space. While Seven and Chakotay cultivate their relationship, the crew prepare to do battle with both the Borg and Kazon. Chakotay and Seven do eventually join in, but things do not go well…

Song: One Day More  
Sung By: Janeway, Chakotay, Seven, The Borg Queen, The Kazon and the whole crew
From: Les Miserables
Scene 3

With the rest of the crew dead, Janeway is left alone on a badly damaged Voyager with just her memories to haunt her.

Song: Empty Chairs At Empty Tables  
Sung By: Janeway
From: Les Miserables
Scene 4

Janeway is saved at the moment of her death by Q, who wants to take her away with him to start a new life. Janeway listens to his offer as he takes her on a tour of various places, but she can’t help thinking of Seven and the crew. So Q makes a bargain with her – he’ll give her the chance to relive the last month, retaining the knowledge of what happened the first time.  If she can’t save the crew and win her true love, then she’ll willingly stay with him for eternity. Janeway accepts the deal, despite the fact that she knows she can’t really trust Q, and he puts her back on the ship one month previously.

Song: The Music Of The Night  
Sung By: Q
From: The Phantom Of The Opera

Act 2
Scene 5

Back on the ship, but forbidden from telling anyone of her deal with Q, Janeway tries to explain her feelings to Seven and tell her to stop wasting her time with Chakotay. However, in her eagerness, she fears she comes across as rather desperate and demanding.

Song: Lay All Your Love On Me  
Sung By: Janeway
From: Mamma Mia

Scene 6

Seven is confused by Janeway’s admission of love since she has just started seeing Chakotay. She’s scared to admit she has feelings for the captain too and live that dream for fear of getting hurt. She wonders whether to play it safe and stick with Chakotay or if it would just be easier to run away from both of them.

Song: One Day I'll Fly Away  
Sung By: Seven
From: Moulin Rouge

Scene 7

Sensing that Seven is struggling with her feelings, Q steps in to scupper any chance Janeway might have by aiding Chakotay in his pursuit of Seven.

Song: Belle (reprise of)  
Sung By: Chakotay
From: Notre Dame De Paris

Act 3
Scene 8

Unaware of Q’s collusion with Chakotay to prevent her from wooing Seven, Janeway makes sure she at least rights one of the wrongs of the past, by using her knowledge of what is coming to save the crew from the Kazon and Borg. She keeps them calm in the face of danger and pulls everyone together to defeat their opponents. Amongst the fighting, when faced with the prospect of losing Janeway, Seven starts to realise how much she loves her.

Song: Cool  
Sung By: Janeway and the crew
From: West Side Story

Scene 9

The crew has been saved, but from Janeway’s point of view she seems to be no closer to winning Seven’s heart. Not knowing of Seven’s awakening feelings, it appears to Janeway as if history is repeating itself with Seven and Chakotay together. Janeway is becoming increasingly disillusioned and resigned to her fate. She can’t even bring herself to tell Seven of her feelings anymore and spoil Seven’s apparent happiness with Chakotay.

Song: You Must Love Me  
Sung By: Janeway
From: Evita

Scene 10

There is one day left to Janeway’s deadline and it looks like she has failed the second part of her deal. Q comes to visit Janeway to re-iterate the fact the she will soon be his and that there is little point resisting any longer. Under his relentless pestering, Janeway sees the hopelessness of her situation with Seven and is pretty much resigned to an eternity with Q, at least knowing she saved the crew if nothing else.

Song: The Point Of No Return  
Sung By: Q and Janeway
From: The Phantom Of The Opera

Scene 11

The final day of Janeway’s allotted time arrives and all seems lost until she receives an unexpected visitor to her ready room. Janeway can scarcely believe it as Seven confesses her love for the captain and she joyously admits her love in return, leaving Q and Chakotay cursing.

Song: Come What May  
Sung By: Seven and Janeway
From: Moulin Rouge