J/7 - The Musical!
A tale of conflicting passions aboard the Starship Voyager!

This is a bit of an experiment of mine borne out of me doing a couple of songs from musicals on my main video page. I wondered if it would be possible to construct a whole kind of musical fanfic based around J/7, using only songs from musicals...and this is the result! I was slightly restricted by my music collection when choosing songs which is why I've chopped some of them up a bit, but I hope it kind of works :-)

For the lyrics to these songs click here

Thanks to xnedrabourne for the use of some of her clips in these videos

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Scene 1

Janeway has a growing feeling that something is about to change in her life if she could just put her finger on it ;-)
Song: Something's Coming
Sung By: Janeway
From: West Side Story
Scene 2

After their regular game of velocity Seven can't get the two colours of Janeway out of her mind the red and black from her hair, uniform and velocity outfit
Song: Red And Black
Sung By: Seven 
From: Les Miserables
Scene 3

Plucking up the courage to speak to the Captain, Seven tries to persuade Janeway that a relationship would be a good thing. The Captain is, in turn, tempted by the offer.
Song: I'd Be Suprisingly Good For You
Sung By: Seven
From: Evita
Scene 4

Janeway and Seven are happy together, though Janeway can't quite believe her luck.
Song: Something Good
Sung By: Janeway (and Seven)
From: The Sound Of Music
Scene 5

Janeway begins to have doubts about their relationship due to her sense of duty as Captain. She starts to feel torn between Voyager and Seven.

Song: Torn Apart
Sung By: Janeway
(n.b. substitute references to "man" for "woman"!)
From: Notre Dame De Paris
Scene 6

The pressure gets too much for Janeway and she ends the relationship, then starts to regret it almost immediately as she realises how lonely she is.
Song: One Of Us
Sung By: Janeway
From: Mamma Mia
Scene 7

Having been dumped by Janeway, Seven resolves to move on without her.

Song: Sandra Dee (reprise)
Sung By: Seven 
From: Grease
Scene 8

With a little help from Q, Seven experiments with dating some guys.
(Note: ok, saying it's Q is a bit of a device, he doesn't actually appear in the vid, but I needed someone to be the male voice in the song and it kind of fits that it could be him!)
Song: Goodnight And Thank You
Sung By: Q and Seven
From: Evita
Scene 9

Janeway now definately knows that dumping Seven was a big mistake when she becomes insanely jealous of her succession of men. As Seven is tempted by the Borg, Janeway chases after her to tell her of her true feelings, but will she be too late?
Song: El Tango De Roxanne
Sung By: Janeway
From: Moulin Rouge
Scene 10

The Borg Queen tries to make her case to Seven.

Song: When You're Good To Mama
Sung By: The Borg Queen
From: Chicago
Scene 11

Janeway has rescued Seven and now they both profess their love for each other in a big happy ending - hurrah!
Song: All I Ask Of You
Sung By: Janeway and Seven
From: The Phantom Of The Opera